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  • I was on the ramp from Interstate 175 to north Interstate 275 (Thursday, 10/29/09) when this individual decides to dangerously pull out in front of me right from the emergency lane. To add insult to injury, this individual holds up traffic deliberately in the left lane, as traffic from Interstate 175 to north Interstate 275 defaults into the left lane due to the design of the ramp. I was unable to obtain above to the middle lane to pass this individual due to heavy traffic in the area however I was able to move above safely in regards a mile & a half later after this motorist enjoyed hogging the left lane knowing the fact that he caused a near accident.To the motorist of the dark green Lincoln LS who pulled out in front of me, u have dangerously pulled out toward Interstate 275 traffic by making a sharp shift from the emergency lane toward the traffic lane. Furthermore, u have recklessly endangered the lives of me & few other motorists behind me by the way u pulled out into oncoming traffic.

    • Car Details: Dark Green LINCOLN LS
    • Last Seen Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, US
    Anonymous October 29, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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