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  • fifteen May 2007, 5:48 pm. The motorist in the blue Ford Windstar, License Plate 241M148, made a right shift from Rockville Pike toward Randolph Road. The female was caucasian, in regards 30-35 years old, with dark hair & a hooked nose. With her was a obese, teenage, hispanic woman commuter with long hair. The motorist friquently swerved all the way around the sharp corners & blind curves of Randolph Road -- & barely kept her car between the lines! She crossed the line a lot times, indicating that she was possibly intoxicated, however then we saw that she was distracted by her mobile telephone conversation. At the crossing of Parklawn Drive, we stopped for the red light, where we saw the friver hang up her mobile telephone to speak with her passenger. Before the light changed, she selected up the telephone again -- & drove forward with no hands on the wheel.Several more times, the motorist attempted to change lanes without a shift signal, straddling the line few times without fully merging until we reached Georgia Avenue. As we made a left toward Connecticut Avenue, she cruised through the four-lane crossing without hands on the wheel again.

    • Car Details: Navy Blue FORD Windstar
    • Last Seen Location: Rockville, Maryland, US
    Anonymous May 16, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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