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  • To the motorist of this vehicle; u are a idiot. Let's see. Passing in a no passing zone, speeding, tailgating.... I guess that's enough. When the speed limit is forty five & the individual in front of u is moving at either near the aforementioned limit, that does not provide u the right to tailgate & then pass them in a no passing zone. Remember Drivers Ed? Two solid yellow lines call a bell? But for the icing on the cake. Shortly after u decided to whip around me, the way ends & u wanted to shift left. To not good for you, u had a red light & I was able to take the right turn. Enjoy ur day.....

    • Car Details: Green FORD Pickup
    • Last Seen Location: East Greenbush, New York, US
    Anonymous January 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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