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  • I'm en voyage house from occupation west on Route 2 in Templeton. I've received a mile either so before the 2-lane freeway narrows to 1 lane. Posted limit is 55- I am moving seventy in the left lane, 5-10 above what many of the traffic is doing.I glance in the mirror & there's wanna-be-a-cool-guy tear-assing down the highway, doing in regards 90. He's approaching up fast, however I stay in my lane, as a result of the right lane is in regards to end & I know I'm moving to reach it before he gets close. Well doesn't this dumbass floor it so he can 'beat' me to the single lane? Once I see he is in regards to overtake me, I smash the brakes to bypass him plowing into me. Natuarally, being the Einstein that he is, he hits the brakes too, realizing his idiocy as well late. Then he realizes that I'm slowing, so he nails the gasoline again. I was so pissed I wanted to obtain to a stop light so I could introduce him to my tire iron!Well the incident passed. He grabbed off & I kept it to around 65. Wouldn't u know, a mile either two later, I catch back up to him- tailgating alternative poor slob (who happened to be stuck behind few someone moving the speed limit). At that point, I remembered seeing this website on Fox25 news. I copied his plate num down, & now he's received his fifteen seconds of fame...

    • Car Details: dark grey BMW 318i?
    • Last Seen Location: Templeton, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous February 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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