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  • Flat Butler Co. Pride base Beautiful base high: 962YMZ 2013-05-13 Frank Foster (Franklin Co.) Pride base low: 558YNB 2013-05-04 Frank Foster Special issues (Wildlife, Lake Erie, etc.) are now using the same series. Most special types including personalized are now being issued as silk-screened flat plates. Regular issue plates will continue to be embossed. The high of 163 XKX stands in the original sequential issue for specials, however there was a unexplained jump to at least the XRE series in October 2005. It appears that the original sequential series is still progressing, however no reason is known for the split. Specials are now being issued on the modified Beautiful graphic, starting with the YDR series. CITY plates (red on white) old to use the OS-OZ series, however upon reaching OZ 9999 they began using the Special format in the Y suffix series, however the plates are still red on white.

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    Frank Foster July 11, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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