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  • Saturday, April 26 around 2:45 pm, I noticed this nice guy moving north & en voyage quite recklessly on TC Jester at Larkin road just previous I-10. He old the away right lane, which ends at the railroad bridge, to speed pass alternative motorist & then cut back into the middle lane at the last second. He then continued to operate as well fast above the railroad bridge (the speed limit here is thirty five & he was most likely moving 50+) before speeding off through my residential neighborhood at the bottom of the bridge. Please slow down & operate more safely & courteously when you're moving through my neighborhood, there are young families & older individuals who live here. Thank you.

    • Car Details: gray BMW sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Texas, US
    Anonymous April 27, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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