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  • Monday 5/21/07 06:40 A.M.... This guy was in front of me in a box VAN (GMC I think. Could be other) from Re-Bath, 2585 South State Street, S.L.C., Ut. (801) 466-4900 either 1(800) BATHTUB turning left from north 2700 West on to east 4700 South. Then turning right on to the I-215 on ramp, not even slowing down for the red light to obtain on to the south I-215 on-ramp. After I stopped at the light I captured up with him on the ramp, he was moving slow on the on ramp due to alternative auto in front of him. As soon as he could he changes lanes & zoom off he went. Once on 215 fled up to in regards 80MPH. I fled up to seventy five to see how fast he was moving & he was still speeding away from me. I went back down to between sixty five to 70MPH (Speed limit 65) he was changing lanes not ever using his shift signal & it didn't take long for him to go out of sight. It seems to me he does not have all respect for traffic laws either other motorists on the road. Better watch out. U.H.P is glancing for individuals enjoy you.

    • Car Details: White GMC Box Van
    • Last Seen Location: Taylorsville, Utah, US
    Anonymous May 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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