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  • The current high in the B series seems to be a newly issued plate & it has the revised design with the red stripe in the middle removed for better visibility, however it is unknown why B series are being issued now unless few existing plates are being replaced with the newer design. The C series was skipped originally & the D series features a slight revision in the design that was supposed to make the plates easier to read, however word is that it didn't help much. Now the C series is being issued. Jeff Nelson reports that a 2nd revision of the design removed the middle red stripe of the flag, making the plates much more legible. Guy Peterson reports 1 of these in the nnnZA series on a 1 ton truck with a weight sticker. Support Our Troops - Handicapped: 50ZB 2010-02-12 Nick Jankovich Support Our Troops - Motorcycle: 04939MT 2013-09-17 Nick Jankovich Nick as well reports seeing a POLICE plate in the Support Our Troops format.

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    Nick Jankovich March 31, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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