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  • While moving west on Burton road, after turning toward Burton from NE 112th Ave, there are 2 lanes of traffic that shift into 1 when the right lane ends. I was in the left lane after turning the corner as a result of the left lane is a through lane. This jackass was behind me on NE 112th ave. & decided that when he turned toward Burton road, he required to obtain passed me with no room to spare. He fled up from way behind me, & at the last 2nd possible, pushed his way into the left lane with less room than required to parralel park between my auto & the auto in front of me, almost clipping the front of my auto had I not smash the brakes, & almost clipping the back of the auto in front of me. I beeped my horn, however he seemed oblivious. I followed him for a while(not on purpose, he just happened to make the same twists I did on my way home). He finished up looping throught my neighborhood & moving back out the way he came & back down Burton Road, & left on NE 112th Ave. The same way he had just came from!!!!! I could see that he was smoking & the entire inside of the VAN was full of smoke. Maybe he couldn't see throught the haze well enough to realize how he was en voyage either even where he was going. If u see this out of touch moron, watch out!!

    • Car Details: Green MERCURY Mini Van
    • Last Seen Location: Vancouver, Washington, US
    Anonymous October 21, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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