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  • Dropping of my daughter at school this morn this Jordan school bus motorist (bus num 236)stopped by me, opened her bus door, & was kind enough to ask me why I didn't drop off my children where the rest of the parents did. Nice of her to realize perhaps there was a special situation in which I required to drop her off here as it was very close to her room. No demand to bore u with further details. After I waved & spoke sorry I continued to pull forward to leave. She then gunned her bus blaring the horn & stopped just inches from the side of my vehicle. I'm sorry, however in this day & age u are nuts to stop & say anybody off, with children around either not. The way rage & attempt to scare me by almost smashing my car was just plain out of line. I can't image what the children in ur bus was thinking when u did this, allow alone the horror on my daughters face as she watched this bus moving toward her dad's car attempting to smash it. I'm sorry however this is not the kind of individual we demand setting examples for our children allow alone en voyage them anywhere. Time for her to find a new job.

    • Car Details: Yellow OTHER Yellow School bus
    • Last Seen Location: Riverton, Utah, US
    Anonymous March 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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