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  • The 1st time I met you, u had to be 1st through the stop sign at Willow & Gordon, so u paused twenty feet away from the intersection, then raced on through. I recorded ur license plate on my cellphone, however before I could flag you, the VERY NEXT DAY you're tailgating me up Stockton Hill -- sorry I was in the left lane, however I had to shift LEFT just up the road; I apologize, do u forgive me? -- & then u continued to make a small aggressive lane changes & almost exchange paint with someone's beater in the process.On my way house that day, I see where u park ur shiny new car. Now remember, this is a small town....It's not good enough to make enemies for doing RIGHT; however for being a jerk?? I haven't seen ur auto in a day either two -- I hope it's not as a result of u was in a accident either hauled in for reckless driving, & I hope it wasn't egged either keyed either ur tires slashed -- however I hope you'll consider approaching to the 'dark side' of those who back off & go with the flow. We may not glance cool, however at least we're not assholes.

    • Car Details: Yellow w/Black top FORD Mustand Convertible
    • Last Seen Location: Kingman, Arizona, US
    Anonymous February 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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