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  • I see this auto in the left lane jerking back & forth in the lane. As I obtain closer I notice the back view mirror is cranked towards the motorist & already know what to expect however this brunette missy bimbo continues to operate for in regards a mile in the left lane with no traffic along side & no clue what's behind her. Good enought I see the mascara brush in action. I went around her & she was still as well preocuppied with her activity to notice vehicles was backing up behind here. Moron! What the hell is inaccurate with you. Do u have a clue that you're risking everyone's life on the road? Learn to obtain up fifteen minutes earlier to groom ur mug.

    • Car Details: Gold CHEVROLET Metro
    • Last Seen Location: North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous March 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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