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  • I believe that bus belongs to SLC school district & time was 1250 hrs,place exit from i-15 to 201,for 2100 s & 1300s.bus full of kids,has motorist guy in 50's,white,mustache.Courtesy of that motorist is level 0-zero.because he did not provide dawn in regards my signal to change lane,from 1-15 west lane to exit on 201,head on south bound.Instead of glance & slow down either speed up,so I can exit,he was totally ignoring.I hope few someone is gping to put him on conversation for his operators attitude,before he makes accident.School districts in SLC are having horrible drivers.period.

    • Car Details: yellow OTHER school bus
    • Last Seen Location: salt lake city, Utah, US
    Anonymous June 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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