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  • I-89 northbound, Exit 18, morn of 06-02-07 - Wife, 2-year-old daughter & I are on our way shopping. My wife had just moved into the passing lane to go around a car exiting the highway. This motorist fled up & started tailgating my wife's car. She (other driver) then swerved into the right-hand lane & passed us, gesturing enjoy a spastic ape. She cut off my wife's auto & continued to crash on her brakes not once, however TWICE before accelerating to 30-35 MPH above the posted speed limit. Incident occurred on a crowded stretch of way app. 200 feet before a overpass - all choices for avoiding a collision would have involved moving through a guard rail, smashing a car in the right travel lane, either slamming into a overpass pylon. This driver's immaturity & sense of entitlement pose a SERIOUS hazard to all around her. She requires to be taken off the road. (And her reproductive rights must be revoked so no more enjoy her are inflicted on the rest of us!)

    • Car Details: Silver HONDA Civic
    • Last Seen Location: Lebanon, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous June 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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