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  • Late 90's-early 2000 Black Ford Diesel Commercial style 1 ton flatbed pickup with back dual wheels. Has Johnson Trailer Co stamped on bed/towing set upThis hotheaded id!ot enjoys disregarding traffic signals, making left twists from Peterson Rd toward Rt forty five North when traffic lights are red (red = stop) Enjoys heavy/hard acceleration in contruction zones, flying up on the back of other vehicles, & leaving very small space between bumpers. Then aggressively passes me using the right hand turning lane (used for sports complex access only) as the lanes snake down to a single lane. He soon encounters few other cars doing the spoke speed limit & he is one time again being 'held back' (Really made up a lot of time didn't we?)Followed this moron North on RT45 (at a safe distance of course) where he finally turned left toward RT173.Wanna know why this fool was in such a hurry? To go to SUPER-WALMART in Antioch. His life should really suck.

    • Car Details: Black FORD Diesel Commercial style 1 ton flatbed pickup with rear dual wheels
    • Last Seen Location: Mundelein, Illinois, US
    Anonymous November 03, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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