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  • Thur 11/30/06Weaving through traffic, passing on right, without signalling, cutting me off, as well as few people which I witnessed, on the Rt 8/25 connector & continuing SB on ninety five until becoming ensnarled in a jam at X19. I was lucky to obtain close enough to catch the plate num as I exited at 20. FUKHEAD! You certain didn't obtain a PhD in driving. Hope all the energy, gas, & nerves u wasted was worth it. Wish I could have reenacted that scene from Days Of Thunder where Cruise is wrecked on the last lap & comes back out to T-bone the winner on his victory lap. Would have been sweet & I'm certain I would have got a ovation from other operators u cut off. And u most likely saved yourself ten either fifteen seconds. Go up to Limerock if u demand to obtain ur jollies. And watch ur back asshole, when u go for that next pass, I'll obtain you.

    • Car Details: black MITSUBISHI Eclipse
    • Last Seen Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous December 01, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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