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  • en voyage to occupation i was at a red light & it turned green, as soon as i started moving i received smash from behind. petre was the driver, i grabbed down his info which apperently received me no where & i quickly glanced above my auto to inspect for damage.. i didnt see all at the time however i spoke him i would call if there was all damage , i was late to occupation & couldnt wait for a cop tp show up . after telling him of the damage which consisted of 1 $175 bumper he aggreed to meet me & pay for the bumper & that would be that & i would even sign papers saying he wouldnt be liable for anything else however that bumper even if i found somthing later.. he broke something of myne & screwed me on it. i just wanted my bumper replaced, i would have bought it & put it on myself & i questioned him if he could afford to do it & would do it & he spoke he could & would.. screwing few 1 above a $175 bumper that they broke is a pretty lame thing to do. take responsibility for ur actions , its not enjoy i stopped hard either anything, he fled up into me, which doesnt tell much for his en voyage skills. so in closing , tnx for screwing few 1 that WAS being HONEST & was attempting to retain it off YOUR RECORD.

    • Car Details: black MAZDA protoge
    • Last Seen Location: amherst, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous November 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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