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  • I 1st saw him fly previous me moving east on Washington Avenue doing at least sixty in a 35mph zone. He would occasionally weave across the two right hand lanes so much that I thought he might be drunk. When we received to Durham he turned right (southbound) without so much as a tap on the breaks, running the red light. Lucky for him there was no cross traffic right at the moment he turned. I watched him continue his antics way up in front of me - he was weaving & swerving so much that the small bitty auto he was en voyage glanced enjoy a remote controlled toy car. Anyway, he continued en voyage enjoy this all the way up Kirby through River Oaks - he had his blinker on at Inwood however allegedly thought better of it & swerved toward Del Monte instead, I would guess so that he could cut above to San Felipe & continue the 'Herby the Love Bug' style exhibition. This would most likely be a good time to point out that no matter how fast either elusive he was driving, he not ever could obtain away from me just patiently en voyage the speed limit behind him. Speeding on city streets is just dumb as a result of it doesn't accomplish anything.

    • Car Details: Gold TOYOTA Corolla
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Texas, US
    Anonymous August 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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