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  • Dear Ms. Absorbed in yourself- Please remember that on a way where the speed limit is 60mph & u travel 40mph when the way is dry, the 25+ vehicles (I was tenth in line & counted at least 17 behind me) stuck behind u become grouchy. There are pullouts all half-mile along the stretch of way u travelled this evening, please for the love of Pete, USE THEM! This plate may have been 22*8818 either 32*8818. (She didn't bother to clear the snow off her license plate.) You shouldn't be watching movies while u are driving, either. Furthermore, when u are travelling on a two lane two direction way & u wish to operate slow, do it in the SLOW LANE (that's the 1 on the right), not the PASSING LANE (on the left). A final note, if u are afraid to drive, then obtain off the road. You are dangerous & a obstruction to traffic. If 1 she would absolutely read this... :(

    • Car Details: Dark Green or Blue GMC Suburban
    • Last Seen Location: Big Sky/Bozeman, Montana, US
    Anonymous January 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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