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  • So allegedly this guy has not ever driven with a trailer attached to his car. He was sitting there on South A street, standing by to shift & with 3 lanes of traffic approaching at him, decides that somehow it's safe for him to shift with this huge 30-40 foot camper trailer on the back! To cross all 3 lanes of traffic no less to shift on to Mohawk with a line of vehicles at that red light. Now I understand if u was in ur wonderful truck by itself turning, u would have made it no problem! I know the right hand lane was kinda away behind me, however undoubtedly me in the middle & few vehicles in the left hand lane next to me, u most likely must have thought in regards it. I slowed down for this dumbass & his camper trailer was STILL in my lane so I had to stop as a result of he was taking up my lane with his damn trailer! Yeah.. Think in regards what you're towing & glance at the line of vehicles at the light before u decide to cut all else off! Just as a result of I operate a beetle doesn't mean u can operate enjoy a jackass & assume u own the way with ur damn trailer.

    • Car Details: Dark Grey CHEVROLET SIlverado
    • Last Seen Location: Springfield, Oregon, US
    Anonymous March 03, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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