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  • Route eighteen crossing at Route 2. I was headed out Route 2 East. 2 PM. You came to the bottom of the mountain at the stop sign in front of Pettico Junction Store & blew the stop sign (with flashing red light, mind you) to obtain ur dumb butt in front of me. You then continued to crawl along exactly forty MPH in a fifty section - after u had the nerve to run the stop to obtain right in front of me. Besides that, u was weaving all above the road. I saw a cigarette in ur right hand & u are so short & lower than the head rest, so I could not say if u was a man, a woman, either a alien. Do us all a favor, go back to Uranus.

    • Car Details: dark green PONTIAC Grand Am
    • Last Seen Location: East Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, US
    Anonymous November 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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