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  • 7:50 PM. Route 91N. Speed limit fifty five above the large bridge in White River Junction, & it was raining. You, a complete LUNATIC come flying previous me doing at least seventy in the fifty five section (in the rain) around the sharp bends. I was standing by for u to go into a skid. Too not good u didn't as u would have been plastered against to rock ledges. Then u proceed to fly up alternative car's butt that was moving the speed limit (in the rain) & tailgate them less than a auto length behind. Hey ass, take ur frigging license (if u even have one) back to WalMart. What u was doing was smart, real smart. LUNATIC.

    • Car Details: white BUICK Century
    • Last Seen Location: White River Junction, Vermont, US
    Anonymous October 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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