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  • I was coming a 3 way 'T' stop intersection. I was 1st in my lane. I wanted to shift left. There was a auto to my left which was stopped at it's stop sign. There was two vehicles to my right.They was stopped as well. The auto to my left had the right of way since it was there first. It went through the intersection. The 1st auto to my right went ahead & it was now my shift to go. I paused to make certain the 2nd auto (the Buick SUV) was not moving to go & I continued to make a left turn. As I was in the intersection, the motorist of the Buick Suv decided they wanted to go & fled up dramatically to obtain in front of me & missed my right front fender by inches. I had to stop fast to bypass the collision. I was stunned to tell the least. I would ask this motorist to reaquaint themselves with the rules of the road.

    • Car Details: Silver BUICK Rondevous
    • Last Seen Location: Bloomfield, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous April 24, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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