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  • I have not ever seen anybody operate so egregiously unsafe. This LOSER exited I-75 in Toledo on Collingwood & preceded to run the red light at the exit ramp. After he was captured behind a auto at the next light, this jerk-off DRIVES UP ON TO THE SIDEWALK so he can obtain around the auto & run that red light. He then proceeds to go through the next light (which was green) & finds himself impeded by a city dumptruck. He passes the truck on the left & MAKES A RIGHT TURN DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE DUMPTRUCK!! He then violently approaches a gentlemen cutting grass & begins yelling at him. I found the auto a block away parked at a mental health institution. Perhaps if this guy is so mentally unstable he must not have the en voyage rights. Final Tally: Two red ligths, on near accident with a dumptruck, a scared guy on a lawnmower & 1 sidewalk mistaken for the road. Get this jerk-off of the roads.

    • Car Details: White PONTIAC Grand Prix
    • Last Seen Location: Toledo, Ohio, US
    Anonymous May 13, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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