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  • You, sniveling coward, parked next to my auto at the Diho parking lot, then opened & slammed ur driver-side door so hard into my auto that my auto shook. You noticed I was still in my auto & mumbled few half-assed apology before slithering off w/ ur woman commuter before I could obtain out of my car. You left a inch long gouge in my car's side, which I might not have made a big deal out of, had u been a decent human being. Instead, u wait until I leave my auto for a small minutes to dash back to ur auto from wherever u was hiding & run away. Next time u decide to crash ur door into someone's car, scrape up what small balls u have (or borrow few from ur woman wife/mistress/whore who had the gall to glare at me as if I had done something wrong) & stay to genuinely apologize & offer restitution. Btw, I received pics of ur auto & u too...But I really don't have to do anything 'cause I have small friend phoned Karma, she can be a real douchebag & takes her work seriously.

    • Car Details: Black ACURA sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Chinatown, US, Texas, US
    Anonymous February 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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