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  • 5/7/07 7:58am - Southbound Route 12, north of Route 22 in Lake Zurich. This obese female should have been late for the fresh donuts either something, as a result of she entered the right lane which was closed with tons of signage & no vehicles in it. Then after she passes the twelve operators that COULD read, & the lane is physically blocked, (as advertised at the start of the lane) she forces her way into the 'active' right lane causing 5-6 vehicles to stand on their brakes. Immediately pursuing this, she made 3 lane changes with her LEFT shift signal still on; 2 of the lane changes was to the right...really bright. Next time, save 1 with sprinkles on it for me, Elsie!

    • Car Details: blue CHEVROLET Astro
    • Last Seen Location: Lake Zurich, Illinois, US
    Anonymous May 08, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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