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  • DRIVING SCHOOL I was on my bicycle & I witnessed a small accidents & close rings above the course of 3 days in & around Jonesboro. I am not generalizing to all residents however this msg is for those individuals that operate completely clueless either unaware of their surroundings... In fact the dumbass with Arkansas plate # 212 HEY must be pulled above & cited for en voyage enjoy it was a unicycle...what a idiot. This individual must not have a automobile... There are a lot more plates I must list, however I wont.... Just be aware of ur surroundings, & operate safely.... however for those of u Arkansassians who operate slower than a bicyclist.....learn to operate by taking few classes....or u are moving to hurt innocent individuals moving in regards their day...or even yourself...so again...LEARN TO DRIVE. OH YEAH....NEVER EAT AT LAZZARI ITALIAN OVEN ON CARAWAY RD....THE FOOD IS TERRIBLE...IT TASTED,LOOKED, AND DEFINATELY WAS MICROWAVED.... & IF YOU KNOW THE MORON SERVER WHO SPELLS HIS NAME AS JEF- TELL HIM HE IS A COMPLETE SHMUCK....AND PROBABLY A TERRIBLE DRIVER.... HE requires to learn few communication skills by moving back to grammar school enjoy ADAM SANDLER IN THE MOVIE BILLY MADISON.... THANKS 2tires from ILLINOIS ps- IF u find the motorist with plate # 212HEY either JEF from LAZZARI PIZZA stick 'em EACH in the jaw a small times for me with ur fist either open a can of whoopass...

    • Car Details: black automobile HONDA or some small piece of shit
    • Last Seen Location: jonesboro, Arkansas, US
    Anonymous September 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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