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  • So, I'm moving east on road 2 this morn at a small after 9:00 AM EST. I'm moving the speed limit with the cruise on, so I'm in the right hand lane. I come upon the ramp where the south 495 traffic merges into road 2. That's when I see this Comcast VAN come barreling down the ramp toward road 2. This a$$hole doesn't yield as is his responsibility. Instead he tries to squeeze me out of my lane, which is impossible since there is traffic next to me in the other lane. Where am I supposed to go? When that doesn't occupation he falls in behind me & flips me off! He passes me as soon as he can & ironically we two obtain off at exit 42. He twists right toward Route 27 & pulls into a small shopping middle (where he double parks, by the way). I decide to do something kinda stupid. I follow him in & pull in next to him, roll down my window & sternly say: 'Excuse me, however I saw u flip me off'. This is exactly what he shouts at me: 'You f@#king cut me off u a$$hole!! Get the f@$k outta here before I kick you're a$$!!!' Then he storms off into 1 of the stores. News flash buddy: u was merging into MY lane, I can't cut YOU off. YOU yield to ME! And here's something to think about, you're so f#@king dumb u didn't even stop to consider that ur VAN has the name of the comp u occupation for ALL OVER IT. It has ur truck num written on it (#148). Oh, & it has a lovely graphic on it that says: 'How's my driving? CALL 1-800-380-4816' Guess what a-hole. I'm calling Comcast. I'm notifying the BBB. I'm gonna call that num written all above ur truck. Crazy SOB's enjoy u must not be on the road. Especially not in big vans that can be old to kill few someone as a result of ur a dumba$$ that thinks u own the road. I don't know how the hell u received a license. You don't know that you're supposed to yield when merging. You can't even park between to white lines allegedly & u have serious anger issues too. And since I'm a Comcast customer, I'm certain they'll be very interested in knowing how u treat ur customers.

    • Car Details: White CHEVROLET Express
    • Last Seen Location: Route 2 East, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous January 16, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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