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  • 208 VQO merged in behind me at McDougall's Corner to go north on Hwy 99W. Tailgated severely until he was able to pass in the passing lane just before Dundee. (I was not moving slower than the posted speeds.) Free clue 1: When a car flashes brake lights 3 times, it is a request for u to back off. Free clue 2: When a car has to repeat that signal, it has gone beyond a simple request. General advice: If u had been intent on pursuing that closely, u must have gone ahead of me at the merge point of Hwy eighteen & Hwy 99W. If u had been as close behind the red auto that preceded u from Hwy 18, u could have merged in front of me, & I would have had no choice however to allow u in. If I had been en voyage the shuttlecraft rather than the starship today, either if the passing lane had not been close at hand, the risk to my safety from ur tailgating would have required me to slow down to in regards 35-40mph until u found a place to pass.

    • Car Details: black VOLKSWAGEN unknown model
    • Last Seen Location: Yamhill County, Oregon, US
    Anonymous June 21, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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