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  • Going north from 90th South on 500 West 4/9/07 6:15 P.M. Speed limit is 35, I was moving between thirty five & forty MPH. This JERK tailgated me so close I couldn't see the front of his car. After in regards 1/2 mile he decided he had enough of moving the speed limit & passes me on the right side. I had to move into the on-coming lane a small either our mirrors would have smash each other. This is a un-caring, dangerous, Total Jerk. I hope when he gets in a wreck (And he will as a result of of the way he drives) that he is the 1 1 hurt.

    • Car Details: Black OTHER OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Midvale, Utah, US
    Anonymous April 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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