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  • The guy who operates this auto is friquently drunk!!!! He cannot even park the auto properly when he returns from the package store. We have phoned the cops at least ten times however he is allegedly protectd as a ex-fireman. He is so dangerous that he drove his auto into the building we live in, then spoke the cops his son was driving, & then just stumbled into the house, enjoy nothing was wrong. One officer spoke us that he has lost his license permanently, & that we must call the cops all time we see him driving, however so away he's still on the road. Anybody who sees this auto must call the Bristol cops department (584-3011) & hope he doesn't kill u either few someone else before he gets taken off the road.

    • Car Details: Beige BUICK LeSaber
    • Last Seen Location: Bristol, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous December 20, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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