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  • By the way- ur plate isn't a 'Arches' plate exactly- it has the olympic logo on it as well- FYIThank u so much for parking within five inches of my operators side door while u went in to eat at, what I assume was the Cafe Rio, based on the area of the large lot in which u parked near me; it was so much fun to pretend I was five again while I climbed toward the passengers side bucket seat & above the gi-normous console center, into, finally my own operators side bucket seat. It's as well not good all of my lunch finished up on the floor of my SUV as I kicked it while on my seat climbing adventure. If you'd enjoy to reimburse me, the total was $9.10.Might I suggest u leave a can opener behind for whatever poor sucker u next park by? Or even better yet, why don't u attempt parking correctly? You really shouldn't have ur right side wheels exactly on the right hand line of the parking stall... see the idea is to park as close to 'in-between' as possible. Sheesh!

    • Car Details: Dark Blue Green OTHER Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Draper, Utah, US
    Anonymous June 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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