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  • noticed truck on 385 near bridges way en voyage erraticaly, he was weaving between lanes & drove on the shoulder frequently & almost side swiped someone, exited on 85 towards spartanburg & fled up to ninety miles a hour, then slowed down to thirty five in the middle of the highway.got off at the pelham exit & jumped the concrete sidewalk to change lanesthen procceded to do a U shift in the middle of the way with oncoming traffic causing a VAN to smash him.staggered out of car, smelt of strong liquour, & then received back in truck, & left the scene of the accidentdriver was a man hispanic is his 30's-40's five foot nine inches

    • Car Details: beigh FORD Pick up truck f series
    • Last Seen Location: greenville, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous September 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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