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  • 5-21-08 4:05 PM. Plate is not shown as it is blue with white letters & tells 'Official USE Only' across the bottom. Male driver. Driving toward State College,PA, west on Route 322. I've been pursuing this jerk for above fifty miles, through construction zones & on two-lane roads. Speed limit forty five & the traffic is moving along at sixty & this bozo is less than a auto length behind all he follows. Hey pal, other than MONKEY BUSINESS, what kind of friggin' OFFICIAL business gives YOU the right to operate enjoy such a jerk?!?! Why not operate the way taxpayers must operate & we will follow ur leading. 3b

    • Car Details: dark blue CHRYSLER 4 door sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Bolsburg, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous May 23, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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