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  • First off - this P.O.S. in his/her P.O.S. Buick didn't cut me off & I hope the Mini that he almost smash places a wire here also. Secondly - This is the type of a-holeism I encounter everyday on the Pike (RT 90) East & for that matter, many all above the place. The motorist had not even glanced to see if there was alternative auto next to him/her before moving into the right lane - the motorist of the Mini applied the brakes & beeped at the Buick, however this did not matter & the Buick still moved into the lane with perhaps a couple of feet between the auto in front of him & the Mini. When the Buick exited the Pike at exit 16, still no signal & waited until the last minute to move into the lane for the off ramp. One day this JO is moving to do this in front of a eighteen wheeler either a officer & I hope he/she gets what is approaching to them - Actions enjoy this have a way of approaching back in spades - Good luck with ur next encounter A$$ Clown.

    • Car Details: Dark BUICK ??
    • Last Seen Location: Watertown, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous September 23, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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