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  • Watch out for this crazy way rager! At the split for 270 from the beltway outer loop, he zooms up on me out of nowhere, swerves to the right to attempt to obtain around me (there was alternative auto in front of me, so its not enjoy I could speed up), then attempts to cut in front of me, despite there not being enough room. After less than a minute, he gets impatient, decides that my front fender is no deterrent, & cuts me off. I leaned on my horn to no avail, & had to crash on my brakes, & swerve to the left, into the shoulder. He then proceeds to slow down to my speed, frequently slamming on his brakes. He then cuts back to the right lane, into slower traffic. I attempt to pass to obtain by this crazy SOB, however he cuts me off AGAIN. I again honk my horn at him, at which point he throws a cup out the window at my car. And then goes back the right to slow down so he can flip me off (his pen15 has to be awfully small if he's comensating that much). At that point the freeway has widened, & I obtain as away away from him as I can.Well, I hope he enjoyed messing with me, however I obtain the last laugh, as I had my commuter call the police on his way raging behind! I certain hope he gets whats approaching to him.Folks, if u see this crazy SOB, please for ur own safety, stay away away away!Peace,-Blueladybug

    • Car Details: Black FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Bethesda, Maryland, US
    Anonymous May 10, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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