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  • When I turned off Severence Hill Road at 6:45 PM to go west on Route 2, u received right behind me (off Severence Hill Road) & then continued to tailgate me big time (trying to see if u can 'push me'?) - speed limit 50. I received the auto up to almost 50, however then the speed limit reduces to thirty five for the village of East Saint Johnsbury. I started to coast down to thirty five for the new speed zone. You didn't seem to care for moving the speed limit as u was in regards 5' behind my car. Quit tailgating, it won't obtain u there all sooner. By the way, welcome to PlateWire.

    • Car Details: black or dark CHEVROLET pickup truck
    • Last Seen Location: Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, US
    Anonymous June 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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