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  • This happened yesturday. May 18, 2007, I was at a stop sign attempting to merge toward Church st. When I have this guy behind me up my butt wouldn't provide me space. I was attempting my best attempting glance back & forth seeing when I could merge on Church st. But it was hard as a result of it was raining & there was a lot of cars. Well I thought I could move & I thought inaccurate so I stopped real fast however this guy didn't notice that & smash my bumper. So one time I received toward church St. I pulled above enjoy u suppose to when u obtain smash I parked at the church & this guy parked across the street. He wouldn't come where I had parked my auto all he questioned if I was ok. He didn't see the damage either even want to exchange papers. I was really upset.

    • Car Details: White SUBARU
    • Last Seen Location: Wilmingto, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous May 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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