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  • 2/8/07 - approx 8:00am (rush hour) - I-270 Westbound between 315 & Sawmill.In heavy traffic on this four lane interstate, this motorist switched from the left-most lane to the right-most lane, 3 times within a mile attempting to pass cars. In doing so, this individual cut off at least five vehicles causing a cascade of breaking cars. In all of his/her efforts, they made it in regards 3 vehicles ahead which translates to less than five seconds. So... was it worth it to risk other peoples lives to save in regards five seconds? I'm certain I'll see this auto in a ditch somewhere... I'm 1 hoping alternative motorist isn't a victim.

    • Car Details: Silver/Gray CHEVROLET Cobalt
    • Last Seen Location: Columbus, Ohio, US
    Anonymous February 08, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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