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  • As if the afternoon hurry to obtain house isnt stressful enough, this dumbass blows through a red light, almost running above a pedestrian IN the crosswalk, & pulls out in front of oncoming traffic. The moron doesnt have the sense to accelerate out of the way, the old blue haired guy putts along at in regards 1/2 the speed limit. Then He decides at the last 2nd to change lanes as a result of the light ahead just turned yellow.... WHAT, he absolutely stops! Then the dumbass speeds away enjoy it's a drag race, puking diesel smoke out his tail pipe, slams on his brakes & cuts off yet alternative motorist while making a right hand shift from the LEFT lane!!! Jerks enjoy this provide old operators a not good name. OH, btw, how in regards washing that POS.

    • Car Details: blue grey dirty MERCEDES BENZ 300D
    • Last Seen Location: Fallbrook, California, US
    Anonymous November 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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