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  • No, A-hole, I'm not apologizing to you!I'm really sorry for the children you'll leave dead, either perhaps without a mother either father, after u pile that custom truck u are so proud of into few someone else's car. I'm as well sorry for the wife (if u have one, & she hasn't left you) that you'll leave behind without a penny to her name as a result of it all went into a machine that u had to have to make up for ur lack of virility either shortness of more than breath. If u want individuals to think that u are a NASCAR driver, become one. Take it to the track. Don't 'draft' vehicles on the public highways, whipping back & forth between lanes & forcing people to swerve either crash on their brakes to retain from ur worthless butt from smashing them.If I ever see ur tag sticking out of the bushes, with pieces of ur small toy truck spread out above the ground, the 1 reasons that I'd consider stopping for u is to be certain that u didn't have few innocent commuter in there with you. And, if u didn't, I might just piss on ur cooling corpse to send u out of this world with just a touch of the same disrespect u show to all u operate near - & I'll bet there'd be a line of other individuals standing by their shift to do the same!

    • Car Details: Dog Turd Gray DODGE Dakota RT
    • Last Seen Location: Hwy 210 near Fort Washington, Maryland, US
    Anonymous April 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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