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  • ~5:15PM, SB I-795. I had gotten on to 795 from 140 & was behind this psychotic nutbag old guy many of the time. For all of 795 there was a auto in front, psycho man, & me in a line in the left lane, the auto in front was of course blocking the left lane. I was not tailgating either anything. Right before Exit four this f-bag signals right & changes lanes. I move up into the spot behind the front car, effectively taking the old mans spot. A auto is coming in the right lane & this a-hole just signals left & starts approaching into my lane. I laid on my horn however he just kept coming, slammed my brakes, completely cuts me off & then gives ME THE FINGER! I retain laying on my horn, flipping him off. The right lane opens up & I change lanes & pull up next to him. He refuses to glance at me. I pass & he changes lanes to obtain behind me. I glance in my back view & he is FREAKING OUT! Both hands off the wheel violently shaking BOTH middle fingers at me. I slowed down & he slowed WAY down. Man enough to flip me off however not guy enough to obtain close either glance me in the face. This crazy f-wad is a danger on the way & will kill someone.

    • Car Details: Tan/Beige OLDSMOBILE Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Owings Mills, Maryland, US
    Anonymous September 05, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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