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  • date 04/16/2010,street ,400 S west bound beetwen state & main,by manhattan club,female driver,20's,texting rapodly & en voyage in the middle lane,while her auto out of control almost smash me,car has a fancy wheels.type of telephone ,IPHONE with big screen.I was on her left side.I could not call SLPD bceause my telephone was disables at time,but I reported it to indirectly.I m gonna report to UHP as well,so all operators & pedestrains,bikers & cyclist,watch out this woman requires to STOP with TEXTING ASAP.Its very sellfish & hazardous.Time of texting & en voyage was 08:50 pm. Thank You.

    • Car Details: red MAZDA mazda 6
    • Last Seen Location: Salt lake City, Utah, US
    Anonymous April 17, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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