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  • Outer Drive Rd. north of Mich Ave, in regards twelve noon, Mon Oct 6. We was stop & go in a construction section & the (big) Expedition was behind a guy in a small auto in the lane next to me. Everyone was moving slow as a result of a huge construction crane was crossing the road. This angry dumbass in the Expedition allegedly thought the guy in the small auto must zoom up & fill all gap in space. He blew his (her? coudln't tell) horn twice, long, in the space of a minute. Turns out the small auto was a couple of construction workers attempting to obtain to the occupation website & was unfamiliar with the area (I saw them shift in). The Expedition continued on his angry erratic way, speeding & tailgatin the individual in front of him. What a jerk, he's the the many important & all else who is unfamiliar with the area is as well slow. Probably a Republican.

    • Car Details: cream FORD Expedition
    • Last Seen Location: Dearborn, Michigan, US
    Anonymous October 06, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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