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  • If I am filing this inaccurate please say me, as a result of I wasn't certain how to do it--This motorist had a Ohio plate that spoke DEALER at the bottom... so I'm not certain if it was few someone test en voyage either what. Either way, if it was a test motorist & spoke dealership continues logs of who was out testing their car they must be able to find out who this was? I would not allow them test my cars anymore, personally... This happened at the crossing of/near street route 254 & Oberlin Ave in Lorain. I was in the middle of the crossing moving down the ramp to merge toward Oberlin when this SUV cuts inches in front of me, across two lanes, from a straight ONLY lane, to obtain toward the ramp to make the right turn. Barely missed me! A small farther down Oberlin he then attempted to blindly come into the left lane where I was, & most likely would have smash me had a not honked. Last spotted going north on Oberlin Ave in Lorain. 1/30/11

    • Car Details: Gold MERCURY Mountaineer
    • Last Seen Location: Lorain, Ohio, US
    Anonymous January 30, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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