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  • Coming off I-495N toward Cabin John (headed south towards DC), the four lane twists into a 2 lane...with the south lane crossing a bridge & then merging with a lane with autos from I-495S. I was just entering the area with the four lane twists into 2 lanes, & this grey Passat passes me doing 70mph! There's ice out today...especially on overpasses & this dumbass just careens by! I'm amazed that he could break hard enough to bypass rear-ending the vehicles on the other side of the overpass. Amazing!Dude, u demand to slow down. Driving is not just in regards you!

    • Car Details: Grey VOLKSWAGEN Passat
    • Last Seen Location: Cabin John, Maryland, US
    Anonymous February 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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