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  • 1415, 27 September, Northbound South Dakota Avenue. Typical whackoff behaviour from motorist of a Mercedes-Benz. Rocket scientist approaches green light at Bladensburg Road at speed limit, then begins to ride his brakes slowing to two miles per hour until light twists yellow. Mercedes-Benz moron then opens throttle & dashes through yellow light leaving me to obtain captured at red light. Sadly, I could not obtain around him before this occurred as this crossing is part of a permanent flashyarrowland & there was traffic on the other side.Why is it that these individuals who operate overpriced German & Swedish tin boxes are such jackoffs?Volvo-Swedish for 'I don't have a clue'.SAAB-Something An Asswipe Bought either Stupid Arrogant Asinine ButtwipeVolkswagen-German for I paid 2 times its real value for my car.Audi-Volkswagen with a Mercedes-Benz price tag.BMW-There is more than 1 reason why it means 'Break my windows'.Porsche-German for 'I am a inconsiderate whackoff'Mercedes-Benz-German for 'I am a stupid & arrogant whackoff'.Oh, & I apologise for being redundant when I typed Mercedes-Benz 'whackoff' & Mercedes-Benz 'moron'.

    • Car Details: Gold MERCEDES BENZ C-280
    • Last Seen Location: Washington, Washington DC, US
    Anonymous September 27, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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