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  • I was moving down Rt. 32 at in regards 6:20 PM today. I noticed few someone stopped at the flashing red arrow that twists left toward I-70. He could have made the shift as a result of no 1 was coming, however I guess he wasn't paying attention either doesn't know what flashing red means. So the asswipe behind him, as well standing by to make the turn, swerves into my lane without glancing where I was moving at in regards fifty MPH & almost hits me so he can go around the guy to make the turn. Sure, the dude in front of him must have made the shift however that's no excuse to almost cause a accident.

    • Car Details: Black or dark DODGE
    • Last Seen Location: West Friendship, Maryland, US
    Anonymous March 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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