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  • It was in regards 8:20 am. I was moving up Mink Shoals mountain & in regards to smash the school section which is marked with flashing lights & a fifteen MPH section sign. I started to slow down & glanced in my rearview mirror & this dumbass is FLYING up on me. He had to crash his brakes & then he over-exagerated & came to a complete stop as if it was my fault. Soon after getting through the school section he passed me on a two lane way in a no passing section & continued to weave all above the lane all the way into Charleston. It just so happened he was moving the way I had to go to work, so I hope he was scared the whole time I was behind him. To make it worse, he had a small old woman in the commuter seat.

    • Car Details: Tan MERCURY Grand Marquis
    • Last Seen Location: Mink Shoals, West Virginia, US
    Anonymous December 06, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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