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  • Driving my daughter to school at in regards 7:35 on May 16th. At the crossing of Main St. & Midtown Rd., this guy (White male, silver hair, 50's-60's) comes down Main St. & just blows toward Midtown Rd. without even slowing down for the stop sign, not speeding, however the streets are narrow with on-street parking. This is where children are walking/biking to school at this time, not to mention that vehicles are entering the crossing from the stop sign at Midtown Rd. It grabbed me a bit of time to make certain that I had his license plate num correct, & in the interim (about ten days), he DID THE SAME THING on 2 other occasions at around the same time. My guess is that this is a all day thing for him, i.e. he NEVER stops at this (or other???) stop signs... Someone is moving to obtain hurt by this guy.

    • Car Details: Dark Blue MERCEDES BENZ E-320
    • Last Seen Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland, US
    Anonymous May 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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